By William Markiewicz

To impose democracy upon somebody is no better than to impose fascism, religion or whatever it may be. Westerners needed centuries to reinforce the notion of democracy and now they want to to impose it on those who are totally unprepared and even conditioned against it. Adoration of power, valuing traditions in opposition to progress, to freedom, which they identify with immorality and disorder -- that’s what characterizes them. Beware of using force if you don't want to change things for the worse, which we see happening right now before our eyes.

Dostoievski, I believe, described an old authoritarian noble who had a child under his care, I don't remember their relationship, probably a family member. He was treating this child with pitiless discipline. Somebody explained to him that children need to amuse themselves. He understood it in his own way and started to scream, ordering the child: "Amuse yourself!!!.” The child didn't know how to react to unbearable pressure and committed suicide. Was it a true story? The details the author added seem believable; the church refused a Christian burial to the suicide. The NWO ordering democracy, the old noble ordering the child to play -- both created a parody of what they wanted to achieve.

It is also a well noted fact that those promoters of democracy are not sincere and bring their own imperialistic agenda. But it doesn't matter. Imposition, well or bad intentioned, is wrong and brings the worst results.

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