By William Markiewicz

The recent attack on Lebanon is probably the most monumental error in Israelís short history. Hezbollah is ready to fight to the last Lebanese. Israelís abandonment of the idea to invade Lebanon by land is a simple admission of defeat and of its total lack of further planning. A ďbuffer zoneĒ in south Lebanon? -- A laughing stock. Hezbollah can ignore the buffer zone and strike from wherever they want. If they havenít struck Tel Aviv itís because they arenít interested yet. America, too strong for its own good, can afford to sustain an eternal losing war in Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever, while encouraging Israel to follow the example. How long can the Arab and Islamic world tolerate the ongoing destruction of Lebanon? Sooner or later they will be obliged to intervene and thatís perhaps what America awaits as a pretext to attack Syria and Iran. The American invasion of the Arab and Muslim world is analogous to Hitlerís invasion of Europe. He was also too strong for his own good.

Israel didnít take a lesson from 911: The Arab terrorists hoped to impress and scare American public opinion. All they achieved was screams for revenge. Israel obviously hoped to provoke general anti Hezbollah reaction in Lebanon. In the past, effectively, a great part of the Lebanese population opposed any anti Israel activity. Now, as in the U.S., public opinion screams for revenge and sides with Hezbollah no matter what they themselves have to endure.

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