By William Markiewicz

This is inspired by the "Coast to Coast" radio program on Billy Meiers, the Swiss who claims to be in touch with space beings and gives prophecies. One of the predictions is that Israel will cease to exist. My comments are not precisely about him so I don't care how accurate his tales may be. I'm interested in intuition and predictions in general. In one of my articles, under the topic 'philosophy', I sustain that intuition and prediction are not something to be brushed away. Sooner or later intuition and prediction will be part of scientific investigation. After all, everything is based on the cause-effect phenomena. So, where there is a pathway there may be, under certain circumstances, a two-way road.

We know that up to now Israel ensures its existence essentially through friendship with the USA. You don't have to be a politician or prophet to know that building your very existence on somebody stronger than you is to hang your existence on a thread. There is no ally more reliable than one weaker than you are. In the huge US population, enemies of Israel are as numerous as friends of Israel and if you lack vision, the turn of history may have a bad surprise for you. It is better to have nearer and weaker allies than an all-powerful one far away from you. Some of us still remember the honeymoon between Israel and many Arab countries in the times when Rabin was alive. Peace was around the corner; everybody was tired of war. After the murder of Rabin, the greatest disgrace for Israel, the fundamentalists rose to power in the Arab and Muslim world -- and not only there. Israel doesn't have many friends. There is one potential ally who remains 'in reserve,' apparently too insignificant to be remarked: the Palestinians. It sounds paradoxical but who is weaker than Israel? Palestinians. Who depends on Israel? Palestinians. Had Israel understood it before, today the surest ally would be Palestine -- no matter that it would be only a mariage de raison. Sometimes those marriages develop into something very solid. Look at the relationship between England and Portugal. It is in the best interest of Israel to have a Palestinian neighbour not humiliated and prosperous. Everybody cherishes prosperity and will not abandon it for demagogic philosophies. Friendship with Palestine would open other friendships and muzzle the extremists as happened in Rabin's time. With a little patience Israel will stop needing the oxygen mask called USA.

If somebody replies that, "you cannot trust the Arabs", I would say that politics isn't based on trust but on mutual interests which finally engenders friendship. The best advice to Israel would be: Don't wait for the Arabs' change of heart. Change your heart yourself and become a politician. The first year of prosperity among Palestinians will make miracles like the sun defrosting the thickest ice. Those who dream of destroying the Palestinian dreams don't realise that what they really want is to destroy the only potential ally remaining in the Muslim and Arab world. The Americans destroyed Saddam Hussein to the great benefit of Osama bin Laden and other fundamentalists, and now they pay dearly for their mistake. But they will never be destroyed for their mistake; they are too powerful for this. As for Israel, each mistake may be a nail in the coffin.

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