By William Markiewicz

All the politicians define the London massacre as an expression of senseless, brutal Muslim fanaticism. In reality, Al Qaeda’s act is political, not ideological. Mujahadeen are not the Crusaders; not all of them are believers. We don’t live in the Middle Ages but we certainly live in neocolonial times. The difference between colonialism and neocolonialism is that, for the first time in history, the conquered ones can hit the conquerors at home. Al Qaeda are sophisticated, dangerous enemies, not subjects for colonial conquest. Al Qaeda claim that it was an act of revenge for massacres in Afghanistan and Iraq. Were there such massacres? Western media didn’t report them but we know that the Americans dropped 15 ton bombs on Afghanistan. There is nothing in Afghanistan to bomb with 15 tons but mountains and villages, so mountains turned into ashes and villages into cemeteries. I don’t try to sum up the cause-effect chain, but to suggest the quickest end to the ongoing quagmire. The conquerors have to recognize their error in invading Afghanistan and Iraq as Sharon recognized, late, his mistake of letting the settlers invade Palestinian territories.

Shortly before September 11th, during their meeting in Washington, Bush and Sharon declared on TV to the Palestinians « first you make peace, then we negotiate. ». An arrogant proposal, characteristic of our epoch. It’s a reversal of all political and military rules because we know that first must come negotiations and after, eventually, peace results. During the Franco-Algerian negotiations at the end of the Algerian war, the Algerians continued to attack the French. The French protested, « We are negotiating, why do you attack ? » The Algerians replied, « Because the negotiations are not yet over. » So, definitely, negotiations come before peace. Quit Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestinian territories, right now, without worrying about the consequences and terrorism will disappear like a bad dream.

Somebody may ask, ‘and what if the terrorists continue just for the pleasure of sweet revenge or out of habit?’ Once Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestinian territories are free of occupation, whoever is hit by terror will hit back more efficiently by striking free countries than by hunting elusive terrorists with the help of local collaborators. It will be an attack from country to country, a war with a clear outcome. No population will support the terrorists in such a situation.

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