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July - August 2005 edition

The Vagabond: attached to nothing, aware of everything

In this issue:

Open Bouquet --

Right or Wrong, It Was a Pretext (8/22), Why I Didn't See "The Passion" (8/21),
The Best Power is Evenly Distributed Power (8/20),
They Persist in a Lost War to Save Face (8/18),
Disinfecting the Universe (8/11),Northern Ireland and Bosnia (7/29),
Rule Britannia (7/21), From WMD to Women's Rights (7/17),
The 'World' Deserves Him (7/16), Two Champions: Mugabe and Bush (7/02)
Don't Despise Predictions (8/15)
Is Another Hiroshima Possible? (8/07)
Motormouth on John Simpson Talk Show (7/30)
Reviving Lysistrata (7/29)
Massacre in London (7/09)
4 Portraits (7/01)
Communication Page --
Flawed Story of the Yugoslav Conflict, Proposition,
Mihailovic Medal on Internet, Same Sex Marriage

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