By William Markiewicz

The top warmongers bore us with the excuse that "the world is better place now without Saddam Hussein." In reality the world never gave a damn about Saddam Hussein. Other dictators that the world doesn't care about are still hanging around. Other wars in Asia and Africa were considered unimportant because no oil interests were at stake.

Now the world is a much worse place since the NWO's invasions. The NWO is one of the worst plagues in living memory with no end in sight. It's worse than religious wars where the message is clear and those who are targeted may know in advance. It's worse than the former colonial wars because their message was humbug (white man's burden, blah blah blah) and the world's participation gradually faded. It's worse than ideologies like Fascism, Communism, Nazism, because you know what to expect and may have time to escape. NWO is not an ideology; it's a "bouillabaisse" of banditry served in PR sauce. One becomes entangled without realising it. Take, for instance, the apparently innocent sounding term "enemy combatants." After all, the enemy is supposed to be a combatant, what else? Still, everybody seems to accept the fact that under this label people are deprived of all legal rights and can be held indefinitely in jail without charge and without trial. Literally, they have no more human rights than the Jews and Gypsies had under Nazism, and all this in the name of the undefined all encompassing term, "security." We witness aggressions committed under phony pretexts, and blatant kangaroo trials in which anonymous and invisible witnesses replace evidence. Nobody seems to be disturbed; public opinion remains sedated. Terror is a convenient term to terrorize all of us with the fear of terror. "They" know what they are doing: With their conquests they create unbearable crisis situations. They attack those weak in arms and rich in resources, and when the victims, lacking tanks and planes, counterattack, everything they do is rightly or wrongly called terror. When our free society finally realises that curbing rights in the name of security has gone too far, it will be too late to retrocede.

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