or, "Don't Go With a Healthy Head to a Sick Bed" (Jewish proverb)

By William Markiewicz

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH -- (House of Representatives - July 16, 2003)
Mr. WELDON of Pennsylvania: Mr. Speaker, enough is enough.
 I sat in my office last night and listened to Member after 
Member on the other side rail about President Bush and whether 
or not we could trust him in the Iraqi situation. I have 
listened to my colleagues tonight. Enough is enough. 
Mr. Speaker, this is just outrageous. 
I will go on, Mr. Speaker, this same article, Washington Post, 
March 26, 2000: 
"Not only did the forced removal of civilians result from the
NATO bombing, but administration claims of mass killings, made
to rally popular support for the war, turn out to have been
exaggerated. Clinton defended the intervention on the grounds
that the Yugoslavs had slaughtered tens of thousands."
 President Clinton said tens of thousands, Mr. Speaker. 
It never turned out to be true. All lies. Secretary of 
Defense William Cohen termed it a, quote, horrific slaughter.
The numbers we now have, according to this article in the 
Post, disprove those claims. U.N. numbers and U.S. numbers
and Allied numbers say the information provided to Congress
was wrong. 

Let us go on to a story in the Contra Costa Times, 
March 4, 2000. "We became involved in Kosovo after being 
bombarded with exorbitant claims of ethnic cleansing, 
subsequently proven exaggerated and largely committed
after NATO started bombing."

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, July 17, 2003

Sonia Biserko, who heads the Serbian Helsinki 
Committee for Human Rights, said in Belgrade on 15 
July that Belgrade University has become the country's 
leading center of nationalism, Deutsche Welle's 
"Monitor" reported. <...>  She argued that 
nationalism plays a major role in discussions about 
the new Serbian Constitution and about Kosova. Many 
nationalists are angry over proposals to redefine 
Serbia in the new constitution as a "state of its 
citizens" and not as a "state of the Serbian nation 
and all minorities who live there," "Vesti" reported. 
Borisav Pelevic, who heads the nationalist Party of 
Serbian Unity (SSJ), suggested ironically that the 
constitution should drop the name "Srbija" for the 
country and replace it with "Gradjanija," from the 
word meaning citizen. PM

I knew a fellow who was persecuted in the army just because somebody started a rumour that he was a Jew. He wasn't one nor did he look Jewish. I will not quote his name or army because I don't want to reveal his identity; perhaps the only army that is not anti-Semitic is the Israeli one. To add some dark humour to the situation, there was one authentic Jew serving with him. They were from the same city and the mothers happened to be friends; they both cried over the fate of their sons, the true and the made-up Jew.

Serbs, don't be so willing to join Nato! Like this phony Jew you will be accused of things you didn't do, you'll be the black sheep. In times of conflict you'll be cannon fodder, sent into the worst situations for causes that aren't even yours, put in danger by both sides, the enemy in front and your comrades at your back. You'll try to deny your identity without success. The only path remaining to Serbs if they want to save their nation is to save their honor, to stick together, to be frugal, self sufficient and first of all, to be defiant. Repeat to the world how dirty are those who started and joined the anti Serb business. Don't be concerned whether you are convincing or not. Be defiant and teach your children to be defiant. Otherwise you will only exist, looking around and wondering who likes you and who doesn't, a pathetic and dangerous perspective. To remain entirely Serb, defy the smear and accept the challenge. This is the only way to exist.

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