By William Markiewicz

Iraqi Strategy Centers on Cities
Mideast: Intelligence officials say Hussein plans on drawing U.S. forces into dangerous urban warfare while avoiding desert fighting.

What should the Gulf War, the Yugoslavian and Afghanistan wars have taught us? That the NWO doesn't send troops where there is danger; they send bombers instead. Baghdad, one of the oldest cities in the world, and other Iraqi cities will be simply destroyed from above. U.S. troops and those lesser brothers of NATO will enter to the ashes and rubble. The war will be over and the peace of death will reign over the oil fields.

There are only two solutions to ensure stable peace: (1) The settler-commandos should leave Palestinian territory and go back to Israel. (2) The world powers should renounce their appetite for oil fields that don't belong to them and agree instead to normal commercial relations with the weaker but legitimate owners. They should stop the absurd propaganda, straight from science fiction, that those weak must be eliminated because they constitute a constant danger. Even the inoffensive become dangerous if provoked.

I don't remember where I read about some cops who attacked a paraplegic man in a wheelchair and claimed that they acted -- in self defence!! Maybe this particular paraplegic man had some dangerous links but you cannot eliminate all the paraplegic men in the world only because they may have dangerous links.

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