By William Markiewicz

Some journalists accuse the general media of spreading Catholic propaganda because they gave too much importance to the World Youth festival in Toronto crowned by the Papal visit. This time the media had no choice; they didn't whip up the enthusiasm, they followed it. Who would remain unmoved by the spectacle of radiant youth gathering on such a scale?

The idea they brought with them equaled their own beauty. They proclaimed nothing but peace and love. The general media gave a rare example of ecumenism through participating in enthusiasm and praise. The same enthusiasm could have been triggered by any soul raising; it just happens that Catholicism has a tradition of the mass gatherings. After all who initiated the Crusades? But the recent Catholic gathering was pacific, more than pacific, it was catchy in joy. Also the Church happens to have now a very charismatic leader.

Finally, such youth gathering would be a major event in any city and for any media in the world, it doesn't matter who organized it.

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