By William Markiewicz

Reports from Afghanistan say the United States air force has mistakenly bombed a village wedding party, killing many of the guests.

The Pashtuns defied Alexander the Great, defied the Mongols, defied the English and the Russians. This time they've met their match. All mountain people from Yemenites to Albanians, Pakistanis to Berbers, cherish weaponry in their wedding and other celebrations. The Pashtuns brave among the brave, now have to abandon centuries of customs, become somebody else or die. They will be bombed for sneezing too loud. History repeats itself. Like the Jews in the ghettoes, their only chance to survive will be to remain unnoticeable. The Jews were 'Afghans' before the Romans dwarfed them through Diaspora. Gypsies have stayed the same because they never passed through a warrior stage, essential for becoming a nation. The same happened to the Ainu who didn't resist the Japanese.

In our NWO times, Iraqis, Serbs went under a curse. Now it's the Pashtuns' turn. Pashtuns are the main people of Afghanistan. Without them, all of it would be Uzbekistan or Tajikistan. Indeed they cannot easily be eliminated like the Tasmanian Tiger or the Dodo, but -- what should they do with themselves? Abandon their mountains and fields and go en masse into the towns to become lumpenproletariat? From a nation of warriors, shepherds and farmers, do they have to become a nation of beggars? Who will feed them? The UN? Or should they commit collective suicide? To suit whom? Should Guantanamo and 'Pashtunistan' become perpetual concentration camps for September 11th?

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