OPEN BOUQUET (July-August)

By William Markiewicz

(As other short items may follow, I've decided to group them together.)

"Carthage(s) must be destroyed" -- Cato/Bush (7/31)

The recent Palestinian terror attack in Jerusalem again shows what we've known for a long time: That the Israeli retaliation and occupation of Palestinians serves for nothing. But the Bush-Sharon doctrine "No negotiations with terrorists" has to go on so that when targets in Palestine are exhausted the area of retaliation will have to expand. The NWO will continue its war against "rogues", meaning its own expansionist policy -- until the last Israeli.

Sharon -- have pity on the Israelis! Don't you see that you are all being used as a pawn of neo-colonialism?

Abdic's Comeback (7/26)

Bosnian warlord seeks presidency (excerpt)

Election oficials in Bosnia have unexpectedly allowed an indicted war criminal, Fikret Abdic, to run for the country's tripartite presidency later this year.
From the newsroom of the BBC World Service

In Vagabond, (February 1999) I wrote:
"Bosnia's revenge is tracking Fikret Abdic like Rome's revenge tracked Hannibal. What was Abdic's crime that Bosnia proclaims him a war criminal (with the Hague Court's support, of course!)? He was the only leader to succeed in uniting Muslims, Serbs and Croats -- that was his crime. He had the key to general reconciliation, but he was nobody's protege, he had 'only' the locals on his side"

In September 2000 I received this letter and put it on the Communication Page:
"Thank you for your article about Abdic. It seems to me that you are the only one to see the truth."

Abdic's peace supported by the locals has been smashed between Nato imperialists and Mujahadeen who found the perfect modus vivendi only in the Balkans. Now in corrupted Bosnia there is scant chance for fair elections. But it is refreshing to see Abdic trying. He has nothing to lose since, like Milosevic, he has little chance of being allowed to live the normal life of a citizen.

Clinging to Deadly Pathways (7/24)

On a TV program, "People's Court", two drivers confront each other before Judge Wappner. One of them pleads: ", I came out from my car to resolve this problem..." The judge interrupted: "Don't you see that by getting out of your car you didn't resolve but created the problem?!" The same criteria applies in the current political situation: Sharon, Bush, don't you see that by attacking constantly you don't resolve but create the problems?!

Iraq on the Spit (7/20)

Report: U.S. Completes Plan to Attack Iraq (excerpt) Wires
Friday, July 12, 2002
BEIRUT, Lebanon - The United States has completed intensive negotiations with Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait and Turkey for using their territories and air space to carry out an attack against Iraq meant to oust Saddam Hussein, daily As-Safir reported Thursday.

If there were no oil in Iraq (and Iran) the US would hunt for terrorists like all other criminals and would not make a political issue of it. If there were no settler commandos in Palestinian territory, 'Muslim terror' would have stopped being an issue long ago and the only terrorism we'd read about would be ETA and perhaps IRA.

Gangster-Style Negotiations (7/19) (excerpt)
Turkey Qualifies Support for U.S.
By James C. Helicke, AP, July 17, 2002

ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkey has agreed to back the United States if it takes military action to topple Saddam Hussein but has asked that Washington write off $5 billion in debt and guarantee that Kurds would not be given an independent state, according to news reports Wednesday.

No ornament. Diplomacy is dead, brutal sincerity reigns. Does it open the public's eyes or merely give it thicker skin?

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