By William Markiewicz

Western media and scholars beat our ears about Islam's Jihad vocation. Jihad is a medieval concept like the Crusades and the media and scholars artificially transplant and politicize it into our epoch spreading a renaissance of Islamic fundamentalism on a world scale. Again -- they forgot -- Jihad did not exist during the Rabin-Arafat negotiations.

We cannot talk simultaneously about the Middle Ages and today's Islamic fundamentalists just as we cannot talk in the same breath about Savonarola, Torquemada or Calvin and the rednecks from the Bible belt. Savonarola and Calvin don't exist in modern society; rednecks, yes, and they can do as much harm as those Muslim immigrants who kill their children for joining the 'decadent' Western ways. Those archaic Muslim fundamentalists of today would have continued living in their isolated groups with no influence on international politics. Without the settler-commandos and American support for Likud, Arab terror wouldn't exist because it is more nationalistic than religious. Patriotism feeds the massive outburst of religion, not vice versa. Remember the relations between the Church and the masses in Communist countries.


Yes, it is all Arafat's fault that negotiations with Barak broke down. He put conditions that would have signified the death of Israel. Maybe he should go -- but would Sharon and Bush then accept renewal of negotiations that reigned in the time of the Arafat-Rabin partnership? If yes -- why don't they say so? Why not say: "Arafat is guilty, he should go and then let's continue what was so beautifully laid out." Why do they instead maintain this senseless competition with terrorism that boils down to: who will kill more? Yes Arafat is guilty but Bush and Sharon do their best to share his guilt. It seems that it suits them.

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