By William Markiewicz

We learn from the media that President Putin will allow imports of Western nuclear waste for disposal in Siberia.

I remember, many years ago, seeing young amateurish actors in a play, I don't remember its name or author. It was performed in French in a small vacation resort. The story was banal and tragic. A young man from a rich family and a poor orphan girl are in love, the boy's family is of course opposed. They marry in spite of all, his family rejects him, and they slowly sink into the bitter taste of misery. One friend or uncle visits them and, during their talk, just repeats: "Oh, misery... misery... ". In this hardship the man loses interest in his romantic interlude. Finally he leaves her. I remember that somebody from his family, perhaps his sister, clasped her hands: "Great, he's ours again!" His parents offer the spouse a financial reward and he magnanimously pleads: "Give her more"! At the end she commits a horrendous suicide.

The memory of this play comes back now to me -- proud Serbia sells her honor by delivering her kin and heroes to the criminal magnates who brand their captives as criminals. Putin sells his country's environment, and so money hungry Russia puts its future in jeopardy for the sake of immediate profit. Oh, misery, misery, killer of soul and body...

By the way, Carla del Ponte announces that Milosevic's trial may last 10 years. What a horror, a cat and mouse game. Guilty or innocent, caged for the rest of his active life!

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