By William Markiewicz

In an interview with Der Spiegel, Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic condemned the West for the delay in aid.

"We made no conditions for the handover. We wanted to show our goodwill to integrate into the international community," said Djindjic.

Djindjic discovered that of 300 million promised Euros,225 million will go toward paying off old debts while Belgrade would not receive the remaining 75 million before November at the earliest.

"That is like giving a seriously ill person medicine when he is dead. Our crisis months are July, August, September," Djindjic told the magazine. "I am seriously warning the West. If my government falls that would cost the international community $10 billion."

Djindjic warned of a new Balkans crisis, which would end cooperation with The Hague tribunal and create hundreds of thousands of refugees.

"When I was in the opposition, the European Union promised us three billion marks in cash for the fall of Milosevic. Where is it?"

* * *

I didn't expect another outcome (see "Insult after Injury..." Vagabond June 24). Djindjic deceives me: if he's as streetwise as his reputation suggests, how could he forget that you should never trust a gangster stronger than you are? As long as Djindjic had the 'item' -- Milosevic -- in his hands, he had bargaining power: "You give me fifty percent bounty in advance, and I'll give you fifty percent of Milosevic. You want him whole? -- OK, to prove that I trust you, I'll give him to you whole for only 75 percent in advance." Of course the remaining 25 percent would never appear but it would be better than no deal at all, as it stands now. "Smart" Djindjic was outsmarted. Now he vainly threatens that if the West doesn't hand over the loot it will end up costing them more billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of new refugees will appear. So what, who does he want to impress? The West commands unlimited billions of dollars that will flow everywhere but Serbia, and more Serbian refugees will be approved as a just continuation of punishing the Serbs. How could Djindjic be unaware of all this? By submitting to all the conditions, he hoped to be accepted by the 'international community' -- Milosevic tried to be conciliatory before but for the Community that wanted to bomb it still wasn't enough. To win public support you need the media and under the NWO the media are closed for Serbia.

Media is the most powerful tool in forging history. Those who possess the media possess the masses (now called the "International Community") because they know the nature of the beast; gullible, self-righteous and bloodthirsty.

With money, media and missiles ("Three M"), the NWO rules. All over the world small fish "sovereign" countries begin to know their place. Nato negotiates with them like the white man negotiated with the natives in colonial times.

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