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What it is all about?
24 March, 2001

Like everything else in life - It is all about money and oil.
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But what would happen if large oil reserves (bigger or equal to all of the current ones put together) were discovered in Russia's backyard (The Caspian)? Well, it has happened and a great geo-strategic game is unfolding. The Russians and the NATO countries are competing for these oil reserves. Whoever brings this oil to Europe will control it.

To bring the oil from the Caspian Sea to Europe a pipeline is needed. Both the Russians and the NATO countries are building pipelines and strangely both of them go through Macedonia.
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The pipeline section between Macedonia and Greece (Russian pipeline) has already been built, and the OKTA refinery has been sold to Greek interests. The Macedonia - Serbia section of the Russian pipeline is not ready yet due to the fighting between Albanian terrorists in Southern Serbia and North Macedonia. The NATO alliance is using the Albanians as proxies to fight their dirty war in stopping the Russian pipeline being built. If you look at the map nearly all of the fighting has been in areas where the pipeline is suppose to be built. Albanians live in other parts of Macedonia as well, why are they quiet there?
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Whether the current crisis is designed by NATO to slowdown or completely stop the Greece - Macedonia - Serbia section of the Russian pipeline we are not sure. What we know is that NATO is sweet talking Macedonia (expressing verbal support against Albanian extremists) while conducting a media war (CNN and BBC) as well as allowing CIA sponsored Albanian terrorists infiltrate Macedonia from Kosovo.

The current behavior of NATO is destabilising Macedonia and threatens vital Macedonian national interests. It also questions Macedonian neutrality if the crisis escalates. Lets not forget that the Russians use the Macedonian alphabet (Cyrillic - Cyrill was Macedonian), that Russians were christianized by Macedonian missionaries and that all church services in Russia are still held in ancient Macedonian language.

As Macedonian president Boris Tajkovski said: We will not be very selective of allies!

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If this thesis from Macedonian sources is correct then my previous assumption in the article "Insult to Injury" (Vagabond, May/01 issue) that the tough Albanians twist the nose of their allies (Nato and its subservient Macedonia), was too romantic. Nato needs to consolidate its power over the Balkans. So, a new 'Holy Alliance' is being formed, in which Nato + Great Albania -- Nato's next member? -- will keep an iron grip on the NBO (New Balkan Order), an appendix of the NWO. Further assumption: Bosnia, meaning Muslim Bosnia, will become a Nato member once its 'Serbian problem' is resolved.

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