By William Markiewicz

The French Revolution was a reaction to the absolute Monarchy. The October Revolution was a reaction to the Industrial Revolution and wild Capitalism. The recent chain of protests at Summit meetings is in reaction to the NWO which represents a crude return to wild capitalism, meaning rapacious destruction of environment, death of local craftsmanship and smaller industries in favour of globalization. The poor become poorer and the rich richer as in times of the Industrial Revolution. All the revolutionary convulsions of the last 200 years achieved, at least in the West, more or less harmonious socio-economical and political structures which the NWO now corrodes.

World War II showed us what happens when one Power becomes too big for its own good. Germany didn't need the "Drang" over its borders, like Nato didn't need to bomb Yugoslavia. The bloodiest wars in history were the avoidable wars.

At the end of this avoidable WWII a healthy reaction occurred, perhaps the most humanitarian idealist act in world history: the initiation of the Marshall Plan. Perhaps the winners learned from the mistakes they committed after WW1 when they smashed and humiliated the defeated Germany with interminable sanctions as they do now against Yugoslavia. But here the analogy ends, because Yugoslavia has never been an aggressor.

It's untrue, or perhaps a partial truth, that the initiators of the Marshall Plan had in mind to build future markets for their products. They helped to create new industries, meaning future competition as much as future markets. Idealism predominated when they created a prosperous Europe, a prosperous Japan; they were simply fearless and faithful to their ideals. They offered help to Communist Europe as well, even to the Soviet Union, which Stalin rejected.

It's hard to understand why, after the collapse of Communism, the West didn't follow in the footsteps of the generous and visionary winners of the WWII but went back to the policy of revenge reigning after WWI. With hearts hardened by greed, NWO bosses have decided to smash the weaker, to grab whatever is to be grabbed and even carelessly burn the planet through the greenhouse effect, and intoxicating its air. The protesters, during the Summit meetings, act against this collective suicide. The remarkable thing is that those spontaneous revolutionaries lack a common organization, ideology, demagogy, no Danton and Marat, no Marx, Lenin, Trotski, no Hitler. Till now they seem to make their point without brand names, without leaders, perhaps the increased education of the youth bears fruit. Their mistakes remain individual, because they are individuals on a common pathway. The effects of this very interesting world experiment remain to be seen. Anyway the NWO didn't expect to have its nose rubbed in the streets, there are no missiles to remedy this.

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