By William Markiewicz

USA TODAY, July 9, 2001
Excerpts from "Minorities Reshape Suburbs"
"Segregation by Choice"
by Haya El Nasser

Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are doing what new arrivals to America and minorities traditionally have done: live with their own.
"Upper-income blacks want to associate more with their own people because they feel more comfortable," says William Boone, political science professor at Clark Atlanta University.
"People say in code when they come, 'I want to go where people look like me'" says Pamela Holmes, a real estate agent and chief of staff for DeKalb County's chief executive. "In Atlanta, they can get a $200.000 or $300.000 or million-dollar home and still be with people who look like them. And that's an asset."
"... we have to rethink this whole question of who wants segregation and why we want integration," Boone says.
"You can't force integration," says David Yu, shairman of Summit National Bank, an Atlanta-based institution that catters to the Asian community.

"What the big shot can do, is not allowed to a stinker like you" goes the Polish saying. When you are a US citizen living in the States you're free to choose with whom you want to live. But in the remote corners of the planet the NWO masters, in the name of democracy, prescribe a melting pot for you to live in. It doesn't matter how much blood is spilled in the process. Like each new religion, humanitarianism feeds on blood. Anyway, it's not their blood. In feudal times the lords and boyars forced the serfs to marry, not necessarily according to their choice but to produce a new labour force. Today, in the name of humanitarianism, a new ritualistic form of life is imposed on people whose only wish is to be left alone. The Inquisition is gone, feudalism is gone; hopefully humanity will outlive this bloody parody of democracy which has as much in common with freedom as the Holy Inquisition had in common with love. Apparently the Inquisitors burned people in the name of love, to cleanse their souls of their sins.

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