By William Markiewicz

Considering that the Albanians enjoy the total support of the West, they are becoming the most influential factor in the Balkans. Notice that the Albanians don't beg for money like everybody else, they attack and are respected. In what are they different, why are they so independent? They seem to get away with everything, and not only in the Balkans. I read in the Swiss press a while ago about Albanians who robbed and humiliated the locals in their isolated farms. The press reported the story, including a giant photo of the clan, but in a surprisingly mild tone and only after they'd left Switzerland for Kosovo. The Swiss police didn't react and refused to comment. Are they all scared of something, or what?! Apparently back in Kosovo the clan was involved in a battle with another clan, and the chief shown in the photo was killed or wounded with a hand grenade. Is it right to conclude that the Albanians fear only other Albanians? When not fighting among themselves they seem to have been nominated as Nato's superintendents of the Balkans. They control and obey what suits their best interests.

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