By William Markiewicz

I've been travelling in the States, away from the web, so my comments are not up to date. It seems that after the failure they still keep talking. Maybe so. If my predictions are gloomy it doesn't mean that I am particularly attracted to Jeremiades; I try to figure out the future as a passenger on a superspeedy rocket would try to make out the landscape with only the most striking elements in clear view. This is not necessarily the most efficient method of predicting; what is most striking today may not be a true image of tomorrow when the obvious doesn't happen and the most unexpected does. Who could have predicted the unbelievable destruction of European Jewry over a few years time? Who could have expected the sudden dissolution of the Soviet Union? When I speculated about the possibility of a Chinese-Muslim Alliance (Vagabond, October 1995) I didn't take into account (1) that the Muslim World in general is not at war with the NWO, and (2) that such an alliance would alter nothing in the present balance of power in the world. Nothing can match the US/NWO. So, the events in the Middle East might be as mystifying, not an easy subject for straightforward predictions.

The Old City of Jerusalem is mighty, angry, turbulent. There are a lot of young men who are not afraid of death. The Old City of Jerusalem is potentially explosive. If it explodes and the Old City fills up with ruins and death, America wil not react, but Europe without the USA might do it. To follow the USA in everything may be just too much following; even docile 'public opinion' might start to ask questions. Europe needs a show of independence and the Middle East in general and Jerusalem in particular may furnish a pretext. Massing European troops in Gaza and in Syria may be a starting scenario, and confrontation may follow with bombing, and, of course, with 'collateral damages.' It seems to have worked elsewhere. Europe is stronger than Israel, especially because Israel has no Hinterland. The Orthodox Jews, those at the core of Israeli intransigence, will be the first to run away. The dynamics of war are such that the total victor never opts for the minimum but for the maximum. Israel may lose all of Jerusalem which years ago was destined to become an international city (see from Kosovo's example how a city under an international Gauleiter operates), may lose Golan Heights and all the Palestinian territories with their Jewish colonies.

The USA will not fight Europe and break the Western alliance for Israel, the Jewish lobby will be as helpless as was the Cuban lobby in the fight for Elian. Will mini-Israel survive? Yes, as long as the USA remains Democrat and a democracy. Israeli extremists, like the Albanian extremists exploit the American card. But the Albanian-American love affair may, in the end, be more lasting; who cares about Serbs, Greeks, Macedonians? Particles of dust in a political vacuum ...

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