By William Markiewicz

In order to save its pathetic face, the NWO will be obliged to negotiate with the victorious KLA: "Keep Kosovo. You'll also get some territories inside Serbia populated by Albanians. In exchange, keep away from our allies, from Macedonia and Montenegro. And to prevent change of heart in world public opinion, don't let crime thrive so blatantly!" NATO will also have to curb its "Drang nach Osten," and delay its formidable arms build up, diverting capital instead toward creation of an ambitious intercontinental police system. There is no other way to control the landsliding illegal immigration which infiltrates everywhere when not carpeting the bottom of the oceans with corpses. Such is the splendor of the Millennium, under auspices of the NOW. For the first time in history a clear picture of who governs us emerges. There is nothing worse for the honorable world's leadership than to give the terrorists an opportunity to blackmail them. Sooner or later it will slap their face.

What might have happened if we still had the 'good ol' world order'?

1. The war in the Balkans would never have started. All those populations and regions which knew how to willingly unite after World War I (in the style of some States in the USA and the Provinces in Canada) would now know how to separate. Some more or less bloody frictions would emerge, but certainly not war.

2. The Post-Communist world would have received help from the West, equivalent to the Marshall Plan, and today all of Europe, including Russia, would be harmoniously integrated politically, economically and culturally. The local turmoils -- like those in Caucasus, in Central Asia -- would have been avoided.

3. An equivalent to the Marshall Plan would have been offered to the Third World, avoiding the present landslide of hunger immigration into the industrialised world.

4. The ills of the planet -- pollution, destruction of the environment -- could have been handled without interfering in anybody's interests. A small illustration of today's brutal ways as seen recently in Kosovo: KFOR, in a bluntly illegal way, simply gave ethnic Albanians rights to cut down the ancient forest belonging to the Serbian Decani Monastery grounds so that they build a water plant which could have been built elsewhere. If the world is rapidly losing natural resources it's because the NWO, busy with its political-strategic deals, doesn't give a damn about anything else.

As the 'good ol' world order' is gone, we have growing mafias and imperialism instead. Will the world survive the NWO without planetary catastrophe and succession of "new world orders" after "new world orders?"

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