Western Peoples and Civilization

By William Markiewicz

It's hard to believe that in the freest civilization -- meaning ours -- there are taboo subjects. It makes me worry for the future of democracy, because to gag people or encourage self censorship in the name of correct political thinking is a natural enemy of democracy. It's fashionable now to fight for democracy with non democratic methods. Many forget, though, that silence is venom; unexpressed thoughts can, like termites, destroy even the firmest foundation of a political system.

In the name of democracy and for its defence, I want to tackle one problem considered taboo. I want calmly and precisely to debate with the believers in racial theories instead of meeting them with silence or thunderously condemning them as is the fashion now.

Race and Civilization

When the fair haired clear eyed Greeks from the Northeast stepped onto Mediterranean shores, they found nations with highly sophisticated cultures. We don't know too much about them because they were conquered and assimilated by the stronger, barbarian Greeks. We know only from pictures they left that they were less lily-white than the Greeks, and certainly not blonde. They looked more like today's Mediterraneans -- meaning, rather mixed. To the Greeks' merit they accepted local culture and developed it to the grand dimensions that culminated in the birth of our civilization. Athenian Aristotle was the first to organize scientific expeditions, reaching Ethiopia, which brought flora, fauna and people. He first analyzed the physical effects of race mixture. Athenians were cosmopolitan, democratic, open to exchange of thoughts, culture and people.

Sparta took another path which was glorified by the Nazis and by nobody else. Sparta, to the point of cruelty, maintained iron discipline, racial purity and genetic health. In spite of this, and perhaps as a result of this, Sparta became sclerotic long before Athens and left practically nothing to the world. We can't imagine today's world without the Athenian contribution. And Athens without "darker" influences wouldn't be Athens, but Sparta.

The Romans took the Greek torch and mixed with the Etruscans from whom they learned totalitarian ways. So the institution of Caesars and Imperium was born. Rome was even more cosmopolitan than Athens as it practically conquered the known world. Rome was the world capital where one met everything and everybody.

When fair haired, clear-eyed Germans conquered Rome, they didn't maintain the Greek and Roman tradition of absorbing the conquered culture, but destroyed it completely. In Europe began the horrendous night of the dark ages which lasted one thousand years. It's hard to imagine the magnitude of the barbarity. The population lived in misery, tormented with plagues, and justice was based on so-called "divine judgement," under which the accused had to die. The difference between the innocent and the guilty was that the innocent one's soul went to Heaven and the guilty, to Hell. The suspect was immersed in water until he lost consciousness. If he drowned, he was considered innocent. If he came to, it meant that the Devil had saved him (why not God?) and he was sent to the stake. The Holy Inquisition reduced the barbarian "divine judgement" a little bit and the Crusades put Europe in contact with foreign cultures and so came the Renaissance.

In conclusion, isolation is a grave for culture and civilization. The merit of the West is its huge dynamism, creative potential. But, left to himself, the human -- white or not -- sleeps.

Racial Purity and Civilization

The traditional racist theories say that the White race disappears by mixing and that the mixed race is worse but where this belief came from nobody really knows.

In Rome, the free citizens slowly mixed and among the slaves, the "dark" were dominant. After Rome fell, everybody mixed with everybody. But Italian genius wasn't less, for instance than Scandinavian genius. The Renaissance didn't only consist of a return to Greek splendour, but far surpassed it. Asia gave us Hungarians, Finns, Bulgars, Estonians, nations not worse than any other. The Mongolian invasions spread their blood generously and not only on the battlefield. It shouldn't be forgotten that the Mongols didn't have women with them. Jews, with a mixed blood reputation, left an indelible mark on Western culture though they came out of the ghettoes only about 200 years ago, after the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. Practically, all native Quebeckers have some Indian blood as well as many inhabitants of the Canadian prairies. Still, nobody denies that they belong to the White race. One Quebecker, resembling a Norman, told me that his grandfather bought his grandmother for a bag of flour when she was twelve. A young Brazilian told me that he had black and Indian ancestors; nobody would say it, looking at him. Basques and Bretons possess a generous dose of Asian blood from the time of antiquity. A Roman chronicler wrote about the Basques: "The look of their faces awakens fear and when you hear their language, the fear escalates to madness." About 30 per cent of Bretons are born with a "Mongolian stain" on the buttock. The Turk colonized the Balkans, especially Bulgaria, with African villagers. They completely assimilated with the surrounding population. Blacks and Arabs reached Scotland, Flandria, Holland. That's why so many blue eyed blondes with full lips and wiry hair are seen there. In some regions of Portugal, the population mixed with blacks. It isn't visible; only haematologists know it because sickle cells are found among the Whites there. The Moors, after being defeated by Charlemagne, took refuge in the Swiss mountains and remained there. The TV serial "The Silk Road" shows that in the early Middle Ages there were highly cultured countries in Central Asia, populated by Greeks, Hindus, Persians, Chinese, and other inhabitants of those regions. They were the centre of the world while Europe was under the yoke of the Dark Ages. The Mongolian invasion made dust of flourishing cities, villages, castles and scholarly centres. But interesting artifacts remain for the archaeologists.

In conclusion, racial purity didn't prove to be a necessity for progress and the White race in mixing doesn't disappear.

Race and Quality of Life

The nations with the highest standard of living like the Scandinavians, Australians and New Zealanders are also nations which are the most homogenous, racially and culturally. This hasn't helped them in the quest for happiness. They have a high rate of suicide perhaps because there is not a lot of stimulation in their lives. Everything is too even and most problems have been resolved. The human spirit needs challenge, and leisure must offer distractions.

One old French children's book, slightly humorous, speaks about "Martians." We read there: "All the Martians are identical and it's good, because they are very beautiful." How can we know if they are beautiful or not if they are all equal? Without differences there is no such thing as differentiation.

Race and Crime

America was never a country of softies. In the days of the Wild West, the law consisted of fast-draw pistols and the lynch was more an expression of antipathy than of justice. New York, before the First World War, was a territory of powerful Irish gangs that fought literal battles, not only with the police, but with the Army. Later came the Italian Mafia. Coloured crime is a late phenomenon dating more or less from the Sixties, when the Mafia started to hire Blacks and Asians who quickly became independent from their patrons. Crime, like any other social aberration, is a passing phenomenon. If people leave urban centres for the suburbs and provinces, it is mostly to return to nature and not to "escape coloured crime" as some claim.

Race and Overpopulation

Overpopulation was never a question of race but of economy. In preindustrial society, numerous offspring meant hands for work. When the machine replaced humans, children became a luxury. People desire a house, a car, TV... Therefore with the rise in living standards, the population automatically decreases. Already now there is pressure on inhabitants of the Third World and in American ghettoes to help themselves by creating cooperatives, workshops, small businesses... When these goals are achieved population numbers everywhere will automatically decrease.

The White Race's Survival

The White race is not numerically inferior to other races and we shouldn't forget that most people live in their territory of origin. The economy has brought Coloured masses to the White world, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes not. With the improved standard of living in Asia and Africa, the reasons for mass immigration will automatically decrease. Nobody likes to feel foreign.

Only those who live near a centre of immigrant absorption look at the coloured with "horse eyes" (it seems that the horse sees everything magnified). Statistically, the Coloured are a minority and they will remain so. The law of big numbers says that the majority grows and the minority becomes smaller.

In conclusion, for thousands of years humanity has gone its way without "directors" who do more harm than good. Somebody said that capitalism functions because nobody invented it. Voltaire in "Candide" said that we should "make our garden grow." Capitalism, Voltaire, and driving give us the same lesson: we can look into the distance but we should act only in our own immediate surroundings. Otherwise even with the best intentions we bring destruction. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

I remember a Polish mountaineer tale:

When God created Poland, he made it fertile, rich in water, forest, and game. The angel watched and asked God's permission to take part in creation. God gently accepted thinking that what is well started is not easy to ruin.
The angel worked hard, piling the rocks up to make them nearer the sun. When he left to find God to proudly show him his achievement, thunderous rains fell and the naked rocks looked gloomy against the sky. God threw up his hands, "What have you done?!" Ashamed, the angel said to God, "Permit me to create a human who will be able to endure these conditions." This made God angry: "If you want to play, go create people where I made fine conditions, where life will be easy anyway. But here, I must make the human myself." And, for this poor angel's grounds, He created the mountaineer, swift as the mountain ram, and sharp as the eagle.

We are not gods. Let's not try to be angels or we may turn into Frankensteins.

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