Contributions from readers who didn't object to having their email published in Vagabond Pages.

What about Vagabond? "Run, Hide, and Fight!"

What about Vagabond?

Hello, Nikole -- I think that you work alone. Is that true? Lately, there is only one article every so often. I noticed that there was no issue in July. Sure, I can click on "By Subject" and find all the articles. It's good to see what you pick up, though not too many essays now. I wish you luck.

all the best, "keepers"

Oh Keepers -- Right now, I am making what William used to call, "an act of presence" simply to keep the page awake, online. With a little bit of help, internet expertise from others, I want to change to a simple format that will link to the rich resources of Vagabond and continue to highlight essays and art. The book about William's art and writing, "Following the Light" was launched in May and the with flurry that surrounded that event July simply slipped by. I didn't even do the simple minimum I'd promised myself to keep up. Thank you for asking and continuing to follow along. ~Nikole

"Run, Hide, and Fight"

I just read that some schools in the US are teaching the children how to avoid shooters! Should they run? Should they throw things? That prompted me to send this letter:

Oh my g*d. I remember kindergarten like it was yesterday. The little tables and chairs, just my size. I was thrilled. The blocks I always wanted to play with but the boys got to them first. I had to play in the little kitchen. And then we had a band. The teacher played the piano. One day i got to play the TRIANGLE! I really liked it -- it had a little metal rod to tap with and made a musical dinging sound. Oh yes, and I learned "London Bridge is Falling down" I wasn't sure what it was all about but I just did what the teacher said -- duck down and go under the other kids' arms -- they are making a BRIDGE. Nap time was wonderful -- the teacher got these mats out, one for each of us and she turned off the lights and we would lie down. Sometimes she read us a story while we napped.

Aww -- I missed the part where they taught kids how to escape being murdered in SCHOOL!!!!!!


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