What's More Important -- Regime or Society?

By William Markiewicz

Society of course; Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator but women enjoyed better rights than in "democratic" Iraq. Freedom to drink was respected. In Afghanistan and Iran, in spite of former dictatorships, womenís freedom and religious freedom were more respected than they are today. Whatever the regimes now in those countries, brutal religion and repression of women are in place. The way I see it the future of freedom in the world depends on the U.S. Democrats.

Why the USA? Because it is the strongest and richest in the world. And why USA Democrats? Because the Republicans mix pride into politics, and "Death with Honor" is part of their political agenda. I can foresee various unnecessary wars which may be judged in the Republican camp as necessary. How, without wars, may Democratic USA contribute to improvement? Here is my hypothesis:

Many Americans donít realise the tremendous power their country holds; they are free to do practically anything they want. Imagine if President to declare friends and less friends: " To those who tolerate within their frontiers only one important religion, one important gender and one important ethnie (ethnies can be separated, as in Yugoslavia, Slovakia...), we reserve the right to cut all political and economic relations. We will not fight for freedom abroad; our boys have other things to do than to die abroad." The USA can afford it, and other nations, like South Africa, cannot and will capitulate.

After much turmoil many nations will cede and we'll see lot of new freedoms, mostly in the Muslim World. Terrorism will disappear. Mass immigration from the third world to the west will be greatly reduced because the candidates for emigration will find freedom and jobs, at home, this time with the generous help of the USA.

Some object that if the US stops trading with those oppressive regimes, China and Russia will do it. They will not. They donít have enough capital to feed those oppressive regimes. Right or wrong, I publish this as food for thought.

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