"Nolens Volens"

By William Markiewicz

I don't like to repeat topics too often, but sometimes they stubbornly follow me. I read recently about Ukrainian leader, "Tyagnybok of the legal neo-Nazi party, virulent anti-Semite". This brought to mind a letter to the editor I read many years ago in Paris, written by a Jew, probably a survivor of the Holocaust who came to France "where he was received with the kick in the ass". As a result of his experience, when his two daughters are grown they will be free to marry anybody they want -- but not a Jew. "I am perhaps a bad Jew, but a good father" -- he concluded.

We can judge the future only by examining the past. In this light a Legal Nazi party can be formed while the survivors still live with their memories. Historical haunted memories Ė so what, too bad.

From a Russian article: "The question remains: how long are the EU and the United States going to stomach Mr. Tyagnybok? The people whom Tyagnybok called the Jewish-Russian mafia are waiting for the answer." This is a naive question, the answer is -- forever. Tyagnybok doesn't care, his position among his people remains strong, and his ideas will make children. The "children" were always here. Those who in the past fought Nazism didn't touch the railways which lead to the Holocaust, and they could have saved millions of Jews. In Europe the Jews were a potential power but they never manifested Jewish solidarity. In Poland, the Jews from Galicia didnít like Jews from Kongresowka. Jews from various nations didnít like each other. Today they have nowhere to fight efficiently for life, no strategic location like Switzerland and the Djebel Druze, nor Afghanistan, nor immense territories to retrocede like the Russians. Throughout the diaspora, they have depended on "friends" and they should know that friendship is relative.

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