By William Markiewicz

Scientists, with their powerful tools, advance knowledge. Me, with no tool but logic, I try to brush against the indestructible wall of mystery which I believe will remain so forever. I don’t try to analyse the essence; for me it is and remains an enigma.

Scientists use formulas which show perhaps, not so much the essence of things, as the relations and functions of things. We know the nature of matter through formulas from atoms to molecules and particles. One theory says that particles arrive from the void back and forth; how can anything arrive from the void? Imagine an invisible lion killing its prey -- we see effect but not cause.

Energy: If we launch matter in the void it reaches its momentum. Something infinitely fast couldn’t exist because it would be impossible to situate in time and space. All the objects floating in space reach their momentum, light the fastest of all, but all the limits in space are an enigma, because limits result from meeting some resistance. And what resistance could exist in the void? Perhaps void doesn't exist. The theory goes that when the universe expanded, space expanded also. Everything that expands must have mass. How can void have mass? Maybe some ether serves as container for the ‘void’. And what contains the ‘ether’-- other "ether?" And so on without end? We will never reach the notion of infinity! Enigma.

Example of an interesting enigma: the wheel turning around the axis. We know that descending toward the axis the circle becomes smaller and slower. Mathematically, the centre of the axis should reach immobility. How can the object roll and not roll simultaneously? Enigma.

In the living world the first enigma may be life itself, with its amazing accessories; the displays competing with art, instincts competing with sophisticated intelligence... Enigmas.

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