War Without End

By William Markiewicz

American General John Allen believes that victory over the Taliban will coincide with the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. The former American Ambassador to Nato is against any withdrawal date because the Taliban will simply delay their fight, awaiting this withdrawal. Still the end must be announced sooner or later so that the American people will be relieved of the spectre of eternal war. In Afghanistan, the situation is such that eternal war may be more tolerated because of the hard day to day reality. For the USA it is a war which should never have started, a short and hard punitive expedition with warning of repetitions if necessary would have been more efficient. The only chance to win a local war is when the local population is most involved. Afghanistan is a country of countries; common solidarity is not very accentuated. The Taliban, facing foreign interventionists, is the only compact power which could resist practically interminably. In Iraq, Sunni and Shiites are more interested in killing each other than in democracy. In Mali, Jihad is the only powerful local force; the official Army is indifferent and the local population remains weak, even if unhappy with the Jihadists. The general situation gives a better perspective for France to win in Mali than for the Western allies in Central Asia. As much as I am sorry for the women and the "infidels" Iraq and Afghanistan should remain on their own.

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