Alasdair Palmer as Adversary of the Cult of Power

By William Markiewicz

Alasdair Palmer (Daily Telegraph,12/22/12) condemns the pro-Nazi enthusiasm of German philosophers in Hitlerís time. Darwin admitted that nature is a violent fight for survival. Nietzsche did the same, even expressing admiration for the "blonde prachtvolle Bestie", but none of them went so far as to profess the Nazi disdain for and acttive extermination of the "inferiors" and the "nocifs" So it must also be a question of character and not only philosophy. Nazism reserved empathy only for the "perfect" like themselves. This narrow racial classification could really destroy the deeper, still mysterious elements which may ensure the progress of human evolution. In nature, the weaker serves as food for the stronger, and this cannot be changed. Nazis bragged that "Nature is aristocratic.," Let it remain so. But in nature, rabbits do not dig their burrows among wolf dens; inferior in fighting, yes, but not suicidal. Aristocratic or not,, nature fights through power or speed, never with suicidal passivity. Not debates but, self-defence is what survivors know.

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