Evanescence of Treasures of the Past

By William Markiewicz

And not only in Egypt... Excavation exposes hidden treasures to unforgiving toxic elements. The authorities’ first reaction is to replace originals with copies. But tourists will not travel to see copies when they can see the copies in their own country almost for free. There are reasons, more important, why copies will never be satisfactory. Who are those expert copyists? Those who will never be able to recreate the past realities. Their brains, nourished on technology, computers … their senses – distant from times which will forever remain foreign to them because they themselves are different. Countless copies have been produced, apparently faithful in the details, but “something” is missing; we may call it "spirit" for lack of another term. In order to keep some authenticity, visitors must be able to see both the relic and the copy simultaneously: The relic, carefully isolated from air, light, touch, and the copy, more directly accessible for the crowds. Of course costs may be exorbitant, it is worth it to save the life of the timeless.

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