"Does God have a God?"

By William Markiewicz

This philosophical question circulates throughout the world. In History a "Super God" was the dominant power in the world, while "God #2” was a Power protected by the "Super God." As long as the union of Gods persists and unless something unexpected happens, there will be no significant changes on the world's map. Sometimes apparent super-Gods show up: Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler - flamboyant in appearance and usually short term. At the present time we have one "Super God" -- USA. There are illusory powers like Iran who don't see that they and their supporters have no chance to win. Their most terrifying tools are suicide bombers. The Japanese tried this with their Kamikaze but, spectacular as they were, they couldn't win. Today’s dreamers will learn the same at their own expense, yet they still have time to give up their ambitions and continue living without pain.

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