Current Elements of Danger for the World

By William Markiewicz

Let’s enumerate, starting from WW2. The partners during the anti-Nazi campaign established their set of priorities; of course they wanted the defeat of Germany and its Fuhrer, but certain elements were given lower priority. For instance they didn't destroy the railways which sent the Jewish masses to the Holocaust. When the Polish emissaries alarmed the world about this, the politicians politely distanced themselves from the topic. I’ve described it in previous issues of Vagabond. After the war, countless Nazi exterminators easily found refuge in Latin American havens. De-Nazification was tempered; many experts in the Nazi military, sciences and administration were absorbed by the victors. There was very little hatred but rather silk glove treatment of the former enemies. And today? Friendship reigns between the former adversaries, while former anti-Nazi allies like Serbia and Greece are treated like enemies. Somebody may not like them because they took the “wrong side” in the war. First Milosevic died in prison and now Karadzic and Seselj seem to wait their turn – another element of punishment for the Serbs. Everybody works for United Europe, an idea which has been germinating since Nazi times. There is nothing wrong in the idea; it worked well for the USA so why not for Europe? But the question remains who is acting and what are their ulterior motives. The enigma "who" and "why" remains.

Another more flamboyant danger: Jihad, extremely aggressive, especially dangerous in Muslim countries, in the West, and of course -- Israel. Countless Jihadists from the Muslim world are ready for ultimate sacrifice because they feel humiliated by the situation of Palestinians in the West Bank – abandoned to Israel's absolute domination which is supported by the USA. The greatest surprise for the world would be if Israel finally accepted two states in former Palestine. The Jihadists might see that it's the best solution for everybody; Israel argues that Palestine would be dangerous, which nobody believes. Countless Arabs may abandon Jihad once Gaza and the West Bank are completely liberated,

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