Who Claims the Right and for What?

By William Markiewicz

On a recent CNN show, Piers Morgan interviewed Ron Paul who declared that he is against the USA playing 'Policeman of the world' and that pre-emptive wars are unconstitutional and imperialism in disguise.

Let's imagine a mighty Gulliver invading the planet and declaring himself supreme judge and guardian. When the proportions between ruler and the ruled are drastically unequal, the crawling masses below appear as termites, serving Gulliver's interests. Only more equal societies can collaborate harmoniously for mutual interests. The "Gulliverians" who believe in the baton of power don't realize that they create paradoxes which deny each other. They want to limit security for the needy, like health care, etc., but they refuse the right to abortion in the name of "sanctity of life" which doesn't exist in nature. In nature, the big snake devours the small snake which is Darwinism in pure form. There is no doubt that humanity, for survival, needs population control but it can be organized in a human way through education, guidelines and maybe rules. But reducing the number of needy by refusing them the essentials and combining this with pompous declarations about "sanctity of life," they contradict themselves. Those two contradictory elements, Darwinism and empathy, can coexist -- empathy by preserving peace and collaboration, and Darwinism, when we simultaneously drive toward prosperity and respect for the planet. We must avoid wars which, as history has shown us, are nothing but interminable mutual butcheries. Only those who have this kind of philosophy in mind can deserve to win elections.

(May I add that this article is not in defence of abortion; that's a subject apart, discussed in "Abortion and Biology", Vagabond, 1996

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