By William Markiewicz

The US justifies the presence of American warships in the Gulf as necessary to protect American interests in case Israel attacks Iranian nuclear facilities. The Iranians are not fools; they will not attack Americans because of an Israeli attack. The American shadow over Iran must be about something else.

I consider Obama a man of peace, but he is also an astute politician and his objectives must be directed as much toward interior as toward external affairs. For the hot headed in America he can't be too pacifistic as it doesn't fit the empire's image, and for the hot headed Israeli Likudists he cannot press too much for Middle East peace. Everybody knows that Obama is annoyed with Likud, so "machiavelically" he can send American ships to Iran not "to defend American interests" in case of Israeli attack on Iran, but precisely to STIMULATE Israel to attack Iran ("America is with us!"- Israel. Remember? Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait because he had the 'yes' signal from America and we know how it ended for him.). Israel could commit Harakiri by attacking mighty Iran, and this is what Obama may wish. In any case he will be in position to pose conditions to a beleaguered Israel: "I'll help you, but... you must stop annexing the West Bank which, at present, makes the Palestinian state's creation impossible, and you must also give back Golan to Syria, to make peace with Syria. You fought your wars for survival, not for growth." Israel will listen, and Obama will pass to History as a great President.

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