By William Markiewicz

In Iraq, the dictator was replaced by mutually murderous sect members. As for Afghanistan, perhaps it would have been better if the West had not touched it, but it was unavoidable after September 11 (which could have been avoided). The military "sect" stole Egypt's genuine revolution. In Libya, the rebels could have defeated Gaddafi by themselves, but they still are not up to the task of replacing him. Syria remains uncertain. In Israel the ultra-orthodox sect of Hassidim shows its fangs against Israeli patterns of democracy. The Hassidim do not represent the Jewish people but are a sect that happens to be Jewish. Sects occupy themselves exclusively with religion, while all the aspects that determine a people -- culture, civilization, science, history -- are ignored or smashed by sects. In Europe, Nazism destroyed the Jewish people and along with this -- the Jewish identity. The Jews in America form segments too narrow and too dispersed to grow into a people. Israel may succeed, but is still too young to mature into a homogenous people. The fall of the EU would provoke a return to separate states with closed frontiers which will hamper free passage of non-European immigrants. Maybe this is the hidden agenda of those who want political change in Europe; economy is not the only criteria.

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