When the Naming Overpowers the Meaning

By William Markiewicz

-- which reminds me of an old sci.fi story about a universe where if a dog falls into the water it becomes a seal. Genetics didn't play a role. Today, some follow a philosophy where the dog doesn't need to fall into the water; naming it "seal" may be sufficient.

Personally, I'm very much for freedom but not to the point of sacrificing common sense. In "Extracts of Existence" I wrote: The problem is physical if you can change it and philosophical if you must change yourself. You may like dogs but this won't make you bark and wag a tail. If you try to modify your physical reality to agree with your psychological wish, sooner or later your physical self and your psyche will diminish or crumble. Parents should discuss with their children before they've grown up enough to do what they want -- surgically castrate themselves or intoxicate themselves with drugs. Don't make permanent decisions; for instance if you dislike your native planet, go to the North instead of dreaming of Mars or Pluto, or go to the South instead of dreaming of Mercury or Venus. Parents: don't give in too quickly to your children. Don't jump into a psychological French Can Can in the name of pseudo liberalism.

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