By William Markiewicz

In an old American movie, "12 Angry Men", the jurors gather to judge a young man accused of a murder. His guilt seems evident and the jurors expect to finish the matter quickly with a unanimous "guilty" verdict, but one of them refuses to vote. To the question, “Why”, he replies: "Let's talk" The debate is long and drawn out with very dramatic scenes. The verdict ends with an unexpected "Not guilty."

In one short film, I don't remember the nationality nor date, a man enters a cabaret where a young woman exhibits herself erotically. The stage is in full light while the visitor remains invisible. They could converse.

The young woman asks the invisible spectator: - my friend, what do you want to see? He answers: - I want to talk. She stops smiling- you want to pay just to talk? Tell me what you want to see and you'll find out how cute I can be! The man answers -- I have the right to choose...

Well the "session" starts, and the conversation, which promised to be boring, becomes more and more tense. At the end the girl cries, angry at the man who provoked this. He says -- I'll be back... I don't remember how we learned or guessed that the man was her father.

In Vagabond my main ambition is: "Lets' talk." I want it to be an umbrella where the 'for' and 'against' can exchange views. While antagonists can exchange points of view, those in agreement can only exchange compliments. In the past the Communication Page was full, now people communicate through twitters where people with common opinions gather.

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