"Electoral Earthquake" in the USA

By William Markiewicz

The antagonisms are not necessarily social or philosophical. When the main reasons are more or less resolved, the deepest reason may show its fangs: pure Darwinism from the depths of primordial instincts. When the feeling of superiority appears, then the drive to power is born. The Republican candidates accuse Europe of lacking flamboyant ideals, meaning waving banners for glory. While driving through small towns in America, I've seen idle young Americans crowding the streets, sitting in cars, hanging out first floor windows, doing nothing and bored stiff. It was obvious that their daily needs were satisfied and they lacked excitement. Demagogues may offer the excitement of power. As in former times, young generations in the West want sounds of glory, banners, and goose steps. The electoral fight between Democrats and Republicans may be a fight between "boring" social benefits and glorious death. Romans offered the masses bread as benefit and the circuses substituted for war. So, those problems have always existed. Probably, when the population growth is under control, the need for social benefits and wars will be under control.

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