By William Markiewicz

I'm not familiar with the depth of this controversy so I'll express my point of view concerning maintaining’ state secrets’ while the freedom of expression remains protected. Private matters that are nobody's business should not be divulged. The best protection of security matters is offered by special security forces, meaning police. The civil security force investigates local crimes, and its secrets of investigation must be protected. The state’s security has to be assured by state police forces: C.I.A., F.B.I., K.G.B., Scotland Yard, Gestapo (geheime staatspolizei)… Police protect the law, state makes the law. State secrets in totalitarian countries serve a populist propaganda that leads to real crimes like the Holocaust. Therefore "which state’s secrets" should also be taken into consideration. Contrary to totalitarian countries, in free countries, everything can be discussed so we have more protection from state crimes. Rumors originating from diplomatic chats may be considered gossip and this also shouldn't be divulged nor preserved in writing. All the rest belongs to freedom of information.

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