By William Markiewicz

Tunis, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen. “Freedom” replaces the more traditional word, “obedience” -- to power, to God and to the mullahs who represent Him. If history is often unpredictable it is.because many elements are surprising and unknown. Where does it come from? The particles of mind carrying freedom must penetrate the collective subconscious. How will it turn? What will be next? The triumphant , until now, Muslim fundamentalism that from one side seems to embrace wider and wider circles of populations in Arab countries suddenly found itself attacked, challenged from within, within the same population. The media makes the world more transparent than ever. The western ideas of democracy had to pass here and there to finally focus and provoke the surprising collective outburst. How far will it go? How will the Muslim fundamentalists react? They must be as surprised as the rest of us. Let’s not predict the unpredictable, just observe. Maybe there will be a series of small political reactions towards liberalism. Maybe the reactions will be stronger and more unpredictable than we can ever imagine. Maybe the longing for freedom has existed in the collective subconscious long enough to program further surprises. Perhaps. We have to wait and see.

The only thing we can affirm is that the starting point was not ideologies or foreign interventions. Rather, magic-like spontaneous combustion embraces the countless masses of the Arabo-Muslim continent and we cannot predict its expansion and intensity.

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