By William Markiewicz

Let me say in advance, ‘No!’ I will explain right away:

Since the dawn of history, tribes have organized themselves in castes, peasants and soldiers. We see the same order in the animal kingdom; ants have designated soldiers and it always works. The reason is that insects have no free will. That’s why what is possible in the animal kingdom is practically impossible in the human species. The caste formation among humanity is always a matter of decision which animals never had. As time passes, the defenders become the power holders over the rest of the population simply because they have weapons in their hands.

In the old movie, government authorities contacted the rebellious Pancho Villa and one of the conditions they set for the truce was that he disarm his people.

Pancho Villa answered: “Take my watch.”
The official looked at him in surprise. Pancho Villa repeated: “Take my watch.”
The amazed official took Pancho Villa’s watch.
Then Pancho Villa said, “Take my weapon.” The official took his weapon.
Pancho Villa continued, “Give me back my watch” and the official gave him his watch.
Pancho Villa said, “Give me my weapon. Will you? Never!”

The official understood the message: who has the weapon has power. Therefore there will never be peace and harmony between armed forces and disarmed population. With changing times, economic, political turmoil starts and those who should have been defended from the outside enemy, themselves become the enemy from within. It's impossible to give arms to each individual to defend himself; society would be ruined because everyone would carry out his own justice. The democratic system is probably the best we can have but the ideal solution doesn't exist. In practically all democratic countries there were demonstrating defenseless masses brutally smashed by armed forces. In democracies things have improved but silent conflict remains with some threatening edge. What is the lesson of history? Only automatons don’t change. We will never be automats, thank God, and there is a price to be paid for it. Total security will never exist. We know how the free press can fool the masses but, with free speech, a challenge will exist. This is our only hope for the “best in this best of all possible worlds.”

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