By William Markiewicz

He achieved his goal; the negotiations for peace are dead forever. But will it serve Israel?

In Rabinís time, Israeli-Arab peace was not an impossible dream. Arab nations were in the hands of their leaders, and for centuries before that were under foreign occupation, accustomed to talking to strangers. Israel didn't exploit the opportunity, but kept Golan, separated the whole of Jerusalem with Jewish constructions, and was gobbling West Bank territory. Now times have unexpectedly changed (which should have been easy to predict). The youth came, technically advanced, well informed about the world and with good understanding of Western Democracy. The notion of freedom has replaced the notion of obedience. Now this youth, more then ever, is not interested in negotiations with Israel; more then ever they see it as a foreign body, a resurrection of a nationalism from 2.000 years ago. They are educated, nationalistic in the modern sense, militarily trained, and ready to die. AND THEY ARE MILLIONS. What alternative remains for Israel, and what consequences for Jewish groups in the world? I renounce speculation.

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