By William Markiewicz

If The conference in Copenhagen is considered in great part a failure, what else could we expect when businessmen and politicians generally don't consider nature to be their first priority. For the businessman and the politician, the universe is Darwinistic. Immediate profit and superior power are the main preoccupations. Nature can wait.

The most inmediately concerned with nature are those who are the weakest in the human hierarchy. Itís useless for the small and weak to try to impress the giants that govern the planet. The giant will look at the dying, drowned and exiled as they looked at other horrors: the Holocaust, the starving post-Soviet Union, Sunamis, earthquakes and avalanches. The only way for the weak to stop being weak is to unite. If all the weak in the world were able to unite in face of the common danger, if they could develop together a common medium of pressure, maybe the rest of the world would look at them and listen to them. But Communism tried it and we know that they failed. Oppresson and corruption killed it. How could the weak in everything create something? If I even mention such an idea, belonging to Science Fiction, it is only because personally I donít see any concrete solution for the problem.

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