By William Markiewicz

The medium and small countries don't have foreign policy; their relations, interior and exterior, mostly concern their economy. Foreign policy has a largely political character, and this preoccupation belongs to the big and powerful. Their image, meaning their power, is their first objective. Their leitmotif is to preserve their security. Curiously, the powerful feel the most vulnerable in this domain. Their foreign policy consists of monitoring the rest of the world to preserve what they see as their security and the security of the whole world as well. This results in a series of expeditionary wars, mostly in remote countries. Many of the acolytes pulled into action by the powerful try to get out of it, which may not be easy. Among the smaller countries, nostalgia for the Global Village, for relations among equals without leading powers, prevails.

The fight against terror in foreign countries is another aspect of the scourge. In your own country there is no terror, there is crime. There is no army, there is police. So it should be. Fighting against terror in foreign countries is another form of Crusades. When terror comes from abroad, then fighting should not be a fight with terror, it should be a war. And war should not be confounded with occupation. The goal of war should not be occupation -– that’s another scourge of foreign policy because occupation engenders resistance which feeds terrorism. In our times of technology, push-button war would successfully replace occupation. A sharp and convincing strike is a better strategy than “building good relations" with quislings which is always connected with bribes and with Guantanamos for the opponents. Occupation belongs more and more to the past. With time, the Great Powers will find better solutions than to become involved in expeditionary operations.

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