By William Markiewicz

Most of the world considers the election of Barack Obama a significant change in history. As we know, not so long ago Blacks were segregated, close to slavery and here we have a black President of the United States. A rather trivial example popped into my mind. In the days when Brigitte Bardot was a star, one Spanish composer wrote a song in homage: “Brigitte Bardot – what a great triumph – now a new epoch for love is born.” It was a strong statement but Brigitte Bardot came and passed and nothing changed. Many outstanding things happened in History; macho societies permitted the triumph of Catherine the Great, the last Empress of China, Tzu-Hsi, La Mulatresse Solitude in Haiti, the prophetess Deborah in ancient Israel, Empress Theodora in Byzantium … Jewishness didn’t impede the popularity of Mendelssohn, Freud, Einstein …

Changes are noticeable in history; for instance from royalty to democracy, from royalty to republic, from absolutism to democracy . . . but even those may be hesitant, going back and forth, resembling Marxist “waves“ more than steady evolution. As for women, they seem to gain steady recognition in Western societies, religions seem rather in decline. We don’t know if it will be a steady trend. Barack Obama will show his personal skills and his fate rather than a decisive change in history. It’s true that he arrived in a very difficult period; accumulation of chaos stemming from the environment, economy, neoimperialisms . . . He has considerable skills on his side and in our Darwinian Universe his enemies, with all they have at their disposal, will outnumber his friends. Whatever arrives, this powerful man is probably prepared for everything. It will be a fascinating to see how he navigates against the tides.

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