By William Markiewicz

The dilemma is that none in the region is ready or conditioned to die like the Gazans. This is quite a mysterious phenomenon that still needs to be elucidated; how does it develop in one place but not in another. If my memory is good it was in Lebanon that the anti Israeli action was resisted by the population that didn't want to die for an offensive they could avoid. In Gaza, determination seems unlimited. The general argument goes that Israel overdoes its reaction because many more Palestinians than Israelis are dying. In this kind of war, one side has a precise target in the middle of a big crowd and the opposite side, blindly, chaotically sends rockets toward enemy territory. Of course those submitted to the blind, chaotic, sporadic deluge have less chance of being hit than in the first example but who wants to live in a territory where no one knows who may die and when. The fear on both sides is practically the same. Any Israeli who is able will move as far from Gaza as possible which cripples Israel's potential to populate its own territory. Israel could consider this a threat to its existence.

In an imaginary or real dialogue between Zionists, Anti Zionists and neutrals, the main arguments are constantly repeated. For the Zionists, the Jews coming to Israel means a return to the ancestors' domain. The Anti Zionists, Arab or not, will reply that those people have no other argument than religion; no proof of direct ancestry. The majority of the Western Jews don't even have Middle Eastern ethnic characteristics. Now, the neutrals, on their side, could add that there are other points that count more than historically based ones. Let's not forget that the Jews are the only ones in history who are victims of a very elaborated Holocaust. The Jews were also the only people, who, living exclusively in Diaspora, didn't develop the notion of self defence. In a Darwinian world such a situation is always an invitation for a Holocaust. Can anybody categorically affirm that there will not be another Holocaust? A Polish proverb says, "Where water was, water will be." The fact that a Holocaust could exist is proof in itself that a Holocaust is possible. The only place in the world where the Jews are organized to fight is Israel. Historically correct or not, the survival instinct supersedes all other considerations. In the Jewish situation there were only two alternatives: be prepared to fight or disappear. The Jews didn't seem to be aware of this and fell into the Holocaust. The dilemma for Israel is that they must find an apparently impossible way to eliminate a determined enemy or continue to live dangerously.

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