By William Markiewicz

The Iraqis, the Pashtuns, have the advantage that they are on their own territory. Thus, an insurgency is possible and even has a chance to succeed. The Serbs, to fight for Kosovo, would have to conquer Kosovo. The past shows that it’s impossible to resist Nato’s bombs. Even if Nato’s partners become cool to fighting for an independent Kosovo, like they are cooling off in Central Asia, the United States remains with its absolute conviction that it must control the New World Order. And Serbs will never be in a position to face U.S. power. If the historical Kamikaze spirit prevails for the Serbs this time, then, as a result, Europe will become smaller by one nation – the Serbs -- and the haunting old prophecy that ‘the number of Serbs that survive will fit in the shadow of one tree’ – may be accomplished. Like countless Indian tribes in the Americas that disappeared without being noticed by the rest of the world, so the lack of Serbs will be barely noticed outside the Balkans. It’s an impossible dilemma; how can the Serbs survive facing two impossibilities: life without Kosovo or no life at all? I believe that the Serbs could fight for partition of Kosovo, which nobody seems to accept. But Mitrovica and surrounding territories are the only ones where the Serbs are already IN. They can resist there and their supporters, even the Russians, could show up. Russia and Serbia represented by their armed force in Mitrovica would make it harder to bomb Serbia without bombing Russia. How ready is the US to make world war to create independent and undivided Kosovo? Maybe the spirit of compromise will prevail and so the prophecy about ‘one tree’ sheltering a cluster of surviving Serbs will be null.

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