By William Markiewicz

Prediction may be like the lottery – a risky business. Well, the game is worth the risk.

Obama, if elected, would be the first black president of the USA. He lacks experience particularly in foreign policy. He knows that attention will be especially focused on him. Therefore, he will want to be wise and prudent -- perhaps too prudent. He may become wishy washy and to erase this impression, act impulsively and make mistakes.

Hillary supported the Iraq invasion. In this and in certain remarks, she showed her high regard for power. If elected, she may resemble President Bush, with shows of power all under the motto ‘patriotism.’ She may do nothing that could show so-called ‘weakness.’

McCain himself would represent the cult of power and require obedience from those he considers 'allies.' None of the three may show real trust for peace and harmonious coexistence, Obama because of uncertainty, and Hillary and McCain because of lack of flexibility.

After all, let’s hope for the best …

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