By William Markiewicz

- because our feelings change. Conclusions come through the process of logic while feelings are the fruit of experience. I remember many years ago, some Communists, some Trotskyites, were saying: “After our victory, we will diminish the profits of, for instance, German or English workers, and distribute the difference to the hungry Hindus.” In one of the languages, the “Internationale” anthem ends: “It will be the last battle and the bloody effort will end when our fraternal alliance covers humankind.” Early Communism was the fruit of a dream of “how things should be.” I don’t have to add that my interlocutors were very young. How could they have known, without experience, that the majority of English or German workers would feel such a diminution as a cruel injustice? In the struggle between abstract ideals and reality, the latter always wins. It was Teddy Roosevelt who said, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” We can ask the question of the big stick holder: How are you so sure and how can anybody trust you, that having the big stick, you wont use it? During the Cold War, the long lasting peace was based on mutual respect of power by the two Superpowers. Now we have only one Superpower and does it listen to Roosevelt's advice? Doesn’t it use its big stick? Yes, it does! Korea refuses to give up nukes, Iran is defiant, China and Russia modernize their armies. On CNN we hear the comment that all this presents a danger for the United States. Why is a single super-superpower more afraid of those smaller neighbours that grow than when it had one real Superpower to confront? As the millionaire is more afraid for his money than the average guy, so the Superpower lives in fear of losing its superiority over those who uneasily watch its erratic moods and/or behaviours. Let’s put it clearly: the smaller, no matter how strong they become, will never be as dangerous as the Soviet Union potentially was during the Cold War. US paranoia is unjustified.

Right after the above CNN comment, the topic came to Mexico’s bold stand towards the USA which really puts US sovereignty on the border in question. This is a very astute move; Mexico could not choose a better time to annoy its powerful neighbour, preoccupied with the growing “Axis of Evil.”

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