By William Markiewicz

According to Francis Fukuyama we are witnessing the end of History. But History reappeared with the breakup of the Soviet Union, and the West, instead of helping Russia, tried to take advantage of its decline and to provoke Russia’s partition ("Russia is too big" was the slogan). Russia and China as well were in trouble; for China the ongoing slogan, with threatening overtones, was "China is governed by decrepit old men." Russia and China eventually overcame the impending dangers and Nato found itself another destructive and successful job, interfering in Yugoslavia which was trying to separate peacefully like the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. Acting with smashing military superiority and spreading disinformation, Nato destroyed Serbia leaving it permanently scarred with still unknown consequences. Norwid wrote: "The stars don't shine where we see them." Similarly the real reason to attack Serbs remains hidden, connected to straightening of accounts dating back to WW2.

In warrior fervour, eager to keep History going, Nato invaded Iraq under false pretexts. The hunt for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan followed 9/11 which itself was provoked by the unbelievable arrogance of Bush and Sharon (See Through Many Myths ...) From modern Iraq, with its highly advanced and educated population, the invader managed to create a crumbling society. Western media falsely inform the ignorant public that the Iraqi and Afghani societies struggle against terrorist fanatics in an effort to build unity and democracy. Let’s make an analogy: In Yugoslavia they were not Yugoslavs but Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Macedonians, Muslims, and in Iraq and Afghanistan there are no ‘Iraqis’ and ‘Afghanis.’ In Iraq are Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, in conflict through generations. In the South of Afghanistan live the historical Afghanis - Pashtun – and in the North, the Northern Alliance, descendants of Genghis Khan’s invaders. The Northern Alliance, Nato's ally, has as its only goal, destruction of the Pashtun. But there is Pakistan, the Pashtun ally, and the hard core warrior Pashtun are not easy to destroy.

This dirty game of oil and politics ("keeping History") is fuelled by return to the old belief that the world is the "White Man’s burden" with an aim to crush the savages and educate the survivors. The Pashtun and most of the Iraqis are white, but it has no real importance; all that nonsense keeps the Western public opinion/ignoramuses in line. The failure of Communism, the nostalgic sparks of Nazism and boredom in the West pampered by prosperity, fuel the sick dream of White Man’s Burden which must spread superior Western civilization by force. Their own public opinion allows the Western Powers to continue the slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan while the educated Iraqis flee. The unemployed and uneducated youth discharge their adrenaline in street theology, and strictly covered women, who were doctors and professors, languish in kitchens and harems.

A young university student committed suicide after being gang raped. Her crime was that she was dressed in Western style. After this how many female students continue at the university? Sportsmen were shot dead for wearing shorts. The remaining Christian merchants who sold alcohol for centuries had their shops closed and their throats sliced. Falafel and other snack sellers are threatened with death because falafel didn’t exist in Mohammed’s time. Firearms didn’t exist either but that obviously doesn’t bother the armed fundamentalists. We witness a return to archaism, to prehistory in previously quite modern countries, while the invader responsible for all this destruction is ensconced in his comfortable Western civilization.

Another adversary to conquer is Nature itself. A propos this exceptionally warm winter, the press comments: "Wait until you see the year 2050!" The next predictable scenario in “keeping History on the march” concerns shrinking water supplies and unbearable heat where today life is still sustainable, the mass starvation of populations, and the disappearance of countless living species. The savage battle for territories and resources will decimate the survivors. For the victors, History may end, but they'll never have the planet in all its previous splendor.

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