By William Markiewicz

-- is to not have nukes. Look what happened to Iraq and Afghanistan. Look what happens to Iran and North Korea: nothing. Modern conquerors learned from Napoleon's and Hitler's mistakes not to take risks with dangerous adversaries. Bush understood too late the consequences of attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, which, though unprepared for modern warfare are still dangerous adversaries. Now he can't afford to lose face and get the hell out. He exploits the American's visceral fear of terrorists to convince them that war is the only way to deal with terror. If he declared that nuking Afghanistan, Iraq and whoever else, was in the best interest of America, democracy and the world, they'd go for it. Greed and fear are the people's worst enemies, and it may be too late to realise that using crushing tactics on a mega scale may be a deadly error.

Bush and Sharon became world calamities. Sharon and his associates imitated Bush's imperial policy by annexing territories outside the peace agreements. In the midst of the post perestroika crisis, Russian leaders declared that since their army was at present weakened, they'd use nukes if necessary and this threat saved them from invasion. Russia, China, India, can afford to use nukes because they have huge territories to maneuver within. Israel cannot afford one single territorial defeat. How many nukes are needed to destroy the USA, Russia, China?... We don't know. How many nukes are needed to destroy Israel? One, one and a half? Israel shouldn't brag about its army and nukes. There is no magical way to save peace and existence, but there remains a logical one: stop provoking and retire from the territory gained by force. Israel intelligently has retired from Sinai and from Gaza, now it's great time to retire from Golan and the West Bank. Israel with right on its side (it's more important that many may think) can be ready with all means to face all situations.

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