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January - February 2006 edition

The Vagabond: attached to nothing, aware of everything

In this issue:

Open Bouquet --

Blocked in Contradiction (2/26), Why I don't like Mel Gibson (2/18), Freedom (2/06), Re: Oligarchy (2/03),
"Shock of Civilizations" (1/21), How to Maintain Eternal War (1/19),
The Gods of War Control Israel's Karma (1/06)
The Biggest Problem in Nuclear Times (1/30)
The Death of Bud (1/27)
The Logic of Imperial Policy (1/14)
Must Societies Remain Defenceless Facing Their Leaders? (1/06)
Reflections on Communication (1/01)
Compendium to New Extracts of Existence (32) (1/01)
Communication Page --
Vagabond Polar Yacht, Structure of the Nucleus, Oligarchy,
My America, The Enigma of Joan of Arc, The Battle that Wasn't

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